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  • For Divorced Parents, Navigating Coronavirus Is a Balancing Act, March 27, 2020:  NYTimes article discussing how parents need to be creative and work together in the best-interests of their child(ren).  This is always the case, but very challenging during a pandemic. 
  • Spousal Support Guidelines Offer Framework for MediationApril 2016This thoughtful article, written by my dear friends and colleagues Abby and Ellie, helps demystify our new maintenance guidelines, and reminds us that they are in fact just guidelines for parties in mediation.
  • For Couples Skipping the Ring, It Helps to Plot Out Finances, April 17, 2016:  Unmarried partners are not afforded the same financial or legal protections as married couples.  These couples may benefit from compassionate legal counseling or mediation to help with decisions necessary for living together (cohabitation agreement) or for separating.   

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