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Mediation is premised on the simple philosophy that agreements reached by the two of you, not dictated to you by lawyers or judges, are most rewarding and sustainable. Mediation is voluntary, confidential, cost-efficient, and strives to satisfy everyone’s needs and interests.


Process Overview

I am an attorney, but work as a neutral facilitator when mediating. Whether you seek a separation or divorce, prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, help with a parenting plan, modification of support, or resolution of another family conflict, as your mediator, I will guide you thoroughly, efficiently, and with compassion through all aspects of your decisions. Together in structured sessions, we will gather information, identify issues, brainstorm options, and make agreements. When appropriate, I will inform you of pertinent information or law and make suggestions as to possible solutions.  Throughout, you will retain control over all decision-making.

I am an “interest-based” mediator and will support you through the process to assert your needs and interests effectively, and work with you towards gaining an understanding of the interests of the other person. This delicate balancing between interests is the key to a successful mediation.


Avoid Litigation

The mediation process avoids the enormous financial and emotional toll of litigation. An out-of-court process like mediation is particularly beneficial for people who will continue to have a relationship after the dispute is resolved, like an on-going parenting connection. Unlike litigation, mediation offers a confidential, dignified and holistic approach to dispute resolution.


Cost Efficient

Divorce is expensive. Transitioning from one home into two is financially draining. We will work together to limit the costs of the divorce process. Throughout our mediation sessions, I will give you the tools and resources to work in between sessions to save time and money. Instead of each of you retaining your own separate professionals — financial/tax experts, divorce coaches or child specialists, as is often the case in a litigated matter, in mediation we can call upon these outside experts together, as necessary.


Legal Document Preparation

If you reach resolution through mediation, I can formalize your agreement and, when appropriate, file your uncontested papers in court.


Private Offices in NYC and Westchester, as well as Online Consultations and Mediation

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